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Thursday, December 01, 2005

After Weeks of discussion on the News Groups, on sites like; The Globe and Mail and Slashdot. Rogers has finally sent notice to thir "Valued Customers" that they are dropping important information tool from their service offering.

While they claim that there are alternatives to usnet groups, the suggestions they offer clearly indicate that Rogers has a very weak understanding of the importance of usenet when it comes to finding information related to a specific community of interest.

If you look closely at the alternatives Rogers puts forward to usenet, they are all branded sites which generate advertising revenue for Rogers.

While those familiar with Usenet newsgroups are able to put up with spam advertising, in exchange for free information exchange, the cut in service and shift towards an advertising based information exchange might give you reason to consider an alternative Internet Service Provider.

Dear Valued Customer

Please be advised that Rogers is discontinuing its Usenet service as of December 15, 2005.

Internet technology is constantly changing. Usenet was one of the earliest forms of user discussion on the Internet, but today has largely been replaced by blogs, instant messaging, personal web pages and other tools. As a result, fewer and fewer people are accessing Usenet.

Therefore, Rogers has decided to stop providing Usenet service to Rogers Yahoo! customers.


To stay at the leading edge of new technology, we’ve introduced new and better ways to communicate – all available at no additional charge to Rogers Yahoo! customers:

Instant messaging


Personal web pages



Customers with a continuing desire to read or post Usenet text messages or who wish to access Usenet binary groups can subscribe to third-party Usenet service providers such as Giganews (our supplier up until the point when we discontinue Usenet) who offer a full Usenet service on a paid basis:

Once again, thank you for your loyalty to Rogers and your continued business.

- Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet

Great write-up; I wondered how long before Rogers dumped Usenet. When I lived in Canada I had Rogers as ISP; but have since moved and use RoadRunner now. RR is not bad but not really that much retention so I've had to fill in with a 3rd party -- been using lately; we'll see how well they work out.
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