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Friday, December 16, 2005

There appears to be an interesting conflict between various covenants users have with Rogers that makes me wonder if there may be grounds for a class action against Rogers for arbitrarily cancelling usenet service without compensation for the ongoing subscription costs to replace the service they cancelled.

While Rogers maintains that they reserve the right to cancel services like News Groups, their Acceptable Use policy that was inforce when the majority of us contracted services with Rogers clearly states that nntp is part of their service ofering. According to the Acceptable use policy posted on the Rogers site as of December 16 2005 The Usenet news service
and Rogers Yahoo! Groups features included with the Services are provided for interactive use by the subscriber,
using the Rogers Yahoo! Home or a commonly-available NNTP client such as Outlook Express or Netscape

At issue are the previous claims made by Rogers that news groups are not part of the service offering. Any lawyers looking fora class-action suit?

Thanks for the information. I rarely use the nntp service. However there are times I use it for specific reasons. I was absolutely clueless as to why I couldn't access the service, until I found this page.

I also understand the frustration as we did sign an agreement; nntp being part of the service. Funny too, because I just received another rate increase for my broadband service.
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